Week 3

Since the release of our debut album Temper in 2016, we have been eager to record again. Back then we were lucky enough to be offered the chance to spend a year writing, recording and producing an album at Blizzard Records in Kent, England. It was our first experience in a studio as a band and although we are proud of the album we released, we couldn’t wait to dive in again.

Fast forward just over 2 years and apart from a few DIY recording sessions in our old rehearsal space, we’ve yet to release a new album. This is not to say we haven’t been active. Our music has allowed us to play events all over UK, France, Thailand, Cambodia and now Australia. Currently, we are settled in Melbourne and plan to spend (at least) the next year here. We’ve already played at some renowned underground venues including Whole Lotta Love, Cherry Bar and Revolver - with more still to announce. But we are now even more excited and fueled to produce a record that backs up our live show.  

So by the end of April our target is to release a new album. We have ramped up our gigging to fund studio time and a producer and we hope to bring you some of our best work yet. There will also be a return of our Facebook Live videos in the coming weeks – where we will share our latest news and perform a track. Wherever you are in the world, be sure to tune in.

Love from We are Bandicoot