Week 3

Since the release of our debut album Temper in 2016, we have been eager to record again. Back then we were lucky enough to be offered the chance to spend a year writing, recording and producing an album at Blizzard Records in Kent, England. It was our first experience in a studio as a band and although we are proud of the album we released, we couldn’t wait to dive in again.

Fast forward just over 2 years and apart from a few DIY recording sessions in our old rehearsal space, we’ve yet to release a new album. This is not to say we haven’t been active. Our music has allowed us to play events all over UK, France, Thailand, Cambodia and now Australia. Currently, we are settled in Melbourne and plan to spend (at least) the next year here. We’ve already played at some renowned underground venues including Whole Lotta Love, Cherry Bar and Revolver - with more still to announce. But we are now even more excited and fueled to produce a record that backs up our live show.  

So by the end of April our target is to release a new album. We have ramped up our gigging to fund studio time and a producer and we hope to bring you some of our best work yet. There will also be a return of our Facebook Live videos in the coming weeks – where we will share our latest news and perform a track. Wherever you are in the world, be sure to tune in.

Love from We are Bandicoot

Musings from the other side of the world - Week 2


January 15, 2019  /  BANDICOOT

Welcome back Bandicoots,

First of all thank you to all those who checked out last weeks blog post, had some cool comments.

Lets dive in right away with some musings from the week. Now this is by no means a revelation i’ve had this week but something I often find myself pondering. Life as a musician can be hard. It is a job that requires a lot of self dedication as well as reflection, drive and obviously a little slice of luck can go a long way. But with all this in mind it is also the most liberating, rewarding job going. A job where you get to meet fantastic people week in, week out and also see familiar faces on a regular basis, whilst crafting a skill every person can look upon and appreciate in one form or another.

This last week was definitely this. We were fortunate enough to have a few friends over from ole Blighty. The chaos ensued and this has to go down as one of the most exciting, fun-filled week we have had in Aussie land so far. So for you that made it happen, thank you especially. You don’t know how times like this can drive us as musicians to keep on going.

It all started at the famous Cherry Bar last week. We were a little apprehensive as afore mentioned in the previous blog, it being a headline slot on a Wednesday, it could have been the graveyard shift. But our friends, old and new, all came along, danced their arses off and generally created an amazing vibe. From there the party continued with our first residency date in the CBD. Again those who had partied with us the night before turned up at the unusual time of 4pm, a little blurry eyed but definitely up for round two. The gig went well, the room is a tiny square room filled with cute tables and chairs, those that I would expect to find in an Italian cafe, nestled in the heart of Prosecco. As for the stage, I would liken that to a windowsill, a tiny space that the four of us soon made our home for the next three hours, with pedal boards, guitar necks, leads and beers all fighting for a little space amongst the chaos. The drinks were flowing, the tunes were also, along with an appropriate amount of heckling from all the right people. Everybody was enjoying themselves. It was awesome.

However like I said, at times being a musician can be hard, our friends have now gone home and we will sit on the windowsill stage looking out on people, we hope. Wish us luck! We will keep you informed and are obviously so pumped to be in a room together again, if you’re reading this and you’re in the area then please come in and give us a smile, as thats what it is really for. Look forward to seeing you there. Basement Cafe, Melbourne CBD, 4-7pm.

ANYWAYS gigs are gigs, whats the point without new music? We are super excited to tell you that news of recording will be following soon. We have a few things to sort out, the right engineer and studio, but the tunes are there and we hope the process of our second album will be under way shortly. If you’d like to get behind the scenes then don’t forget to join our mailing list, you can join via this website on the contact page. We look forward to sharing some footage with you and the whole process will be documented through there. Don’t worry this is at most a monthly mail out though (we promise not to bombard you with all the photos we have of dogs around the world)!

So this week is short but sweet, i’m sat in my boxers in my living room and the boys have just turned up for rehearsals so I better, first, put on some trousers (probably won’t), then secondly go join them in making sweet sweet sounds,

Have a great week, see you on the other side,

as always, Live, Laugh, Love, MUSIC



Musings from the other side of the world

Hello bandicoots,

Here are to new beginnings. This space will become our space in which we will endeavour to keep you up to date with all things down under. Its an interesting thing to be writing a piece knowing that it will be read from different sides of the world at different times and across many different time zones. Its some what baffling yet comforting at the same time. The sense of unity that you can only get from being in a band, from the strength in relationships between us four as a band, to the rippling effect to our girlfriends, friends, families and all the amazing people we meet along the way. Somehow togetherness always prevails.

So we have been in Australia for just over two months now, and I would be lying to you if I said it had all been fine and dandy. Already we have experienced the highs of playing some amazing venues to the lows of Harvey having to have surgery on his hand (ill divulge further into this later). One thing is for sure though, we have learnt incredible amounts about ourselves already and have made connections with people that will last a lifetime. In short, the trip was worth it the day we stepped of the plane. Anything else is a bonus.

We arrived and were determined to hit the ground running. little did we realise that to even get a place to stay out here would be a fucking whirlwind of rejection. The aim, create a party house we all lived in and could rehearse whenever we liked, the reality, all living in separate houses but in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. At first didn’t seem ideal but actually has worked out quite nicely. Harvey as an amazing yard with a slackfline and a cricket set up, Lewis has a balcony and is often the place for stripped back acoustic writing sessions, Antony has fucking pool!!!!, and I (Simon) have an apartment with a drum kit. Life is good.

So after settling in and waiting for our gear to arrive off of the seven seas, which it did all soundly with no water damage (Fuck you insurance premiums), we got to work, found a rehearsal studio in Brunswick, naturally it had a bar in it too, and got back to rehearsal schedule.

Within a couple of rehearsals we were ready and booked our first Australian show at a bar called Whole Lotta Love. A tiny venue where we all got ID’d and then told our English ID wasn’t accepted, for us to just puff our chests a little and got served all night. It was packed with so many familiar faces and new ones too. The only problem is they had a PA suitable for Ed SHeerans sold out shows in Wembley. We played, people danced, their ears bled, and we hot footed it off to an afterparty on the northern suburbs. A night we will remember for a long time to come.

Amped after our first gig, we were sure things were going to go like clockwork. Fast forward a day and Harvey fell through a roof and cut his hand so badly he needed surgery. Like the trooper he is he made an 8 week recovery in about 5 and i’m happy to say no fingers had to be removed and he is now back to his usual shredding self.

So Christmas was quiet but last night we made our return at the famous Cherry Bar. Wednesday night headline slot, surely it was going to be a graveyard shift? who would give up valuable mid week sleeping time to see an unknown band from the UK play in Cherry Bar..? Only every fucker going. It was packed full of the most beautiful people, again our friends came out in their droves (we have about 10 out here). So from the bottom of our hearts thank you to all those who came and partied.

Today we start our first residency in a CBD bar called the Basement. We are playing for 3 hours :) Wish us luck.

If you have any questions please comment them below and we will try and answer them in the subsequent blog posts. We would love to hear your thoughts on anything so again get involved.

Thanks for reading and come back next week to see our next entry.

Until then, look after yourselves, look after each other, LOVE.LIVE.LAUGH.MUSIC



WE ARE BANDICOOT are a unique and cultured Alternative Psych band that have gigged all over the world. Following successful tours in the UK and Europe they ventured to Asia, performing in Thailand and Cambodia - including a headline residency at the infamous Otres Market. Don’t ask, just go there. Their travels have heavily influenced their musical style and lyrical content, they will take you on a journey during each live set. Packed full of energy, charisma and a sense of urgency, We are Bandicoot are currently based in Melbourne, Australia.